Explosion Corps
The Explosion Corps is an organisation from Iwagakure[1]. Not much is known about this organisation other than the only known members are Deidara and Gari, both of whom are capable of using the Explosion Release kekkei genkai .[1]


  • In Shippūden episode 265 when Gari is introduced, he is referred to as the former leader of the Explosion Corps, whereas in the manga, he was only stated to be a member. If there was a leader designated for the group, it is more likely that Deidara was the leader of Explosion Corps. (given that he is undoubtly more powerful than Gari in terms of the Explosion Release; factually, Deidara practiced and perfected each technique he has associated with the Explosion Release, and also has adornment for explosions. Therefore making him more suited to the leader type for the organisation). It could be suggested that Deidara lead the group until he defected his village; Iwagakure.


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