800px-Clay minions
Explosive Clay Minions
Deidara creates explosive clay that is connected to his hands with a thin cord of clay. The clay then rises from the ground, moulding itself into human-like forms. Deidara runs chakra through the cords of clay, manipulating the clay substances to attack the opponent. The density of the clay is strong enough to repel and suck in a sword. When cut apart, the clay substances form more human/animal like forms. Deidara then can connect more cords of clay to the fallen clay pieces. Furthermore, Deidara can then use the clay as explosives, attacking the opponent and covering them with clay, which then explodes. The minions, in their human form, were also able to fight with their club-like arms and to form spikes out of their bodies to stab the enemy.


  • Until sufficiently cut down, these clay minions did not adhere to Deidara's usual aesthetic designs, appearing misshapen and clumsy.